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Mini episode & Update

In this short episode I give an update and explain why I havent done a podcast in awhile, but be assured that the podcast is not dead! Tune in if you want to hear a semi-drunk me give a life update followed by a 15 minute stream-of-consciounsess monologue that ranges ...
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Stuart Anderson

#10: JAG-ing off with Stuart Anderson

Stuart is a bright guy. We studied abroad together in Sevilla, Spain via the University of North Carolina before going off on separate paths. Stuart graduated from Columbia University with a law degree before joining the U.S. Air Force as a JAG officer (Judge Advocate General). He worked in JAG ...
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E09: The Man Without a Culture – Gregory Diehl

Gregory Diehl left California at 18 to explore our world and find himself. He has lived and worked in 45 countries so far, offering straightforward solutions in the development of individual identities. He is the author of two Amazon bestsellers for business, travel, and deep personal development: Brand Identity Breakthrough ...
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E08: Reborn to Travel – Eddie Young

Eddie Young is a world traveler, travel blogger and fitness advocate. A former U.S. Division I football player with dreams of playing for the NFL, an unfortunate accident ended Eddie's football career and nearly paralyzed him for life. Since his recovery he has dedicated his life to travel and setting ...
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E07: Let’s Talk About Sexology – Didi Liebold

In this podcast I am joined by Didi Liebold, former CFO at an IT start turned Tantra massage practitioner. He is the owner at Sexological Bodywork in Zurich, Switzerland. Sexological bodywork is derived from the Tantra philosophy, and Didi holds workshops for clients who are feeling unfulfilled in their sex ...
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E06: Global Citizen- and Entrepreneurship

On this episode I am joined by Phil Sejalon, CEO and co-founder of Belinguo AG, a tech startup based in Zurich, Switzerland. Phil considers himself a global citizen, which is not surprising when you consider that he speaks over 15 languages and has worked for finance and consulting companies in ...
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E05: Vagabonding, Spirituality and Psychedelics

I had a conversation with my old vagabonding friend Tim whom I met at university back in 2001 or so. Tim is a vagabonder, poet, and advocate for a more spiritual, co-creative existence that is based around permaculture and intentional communities. We go pretty deep in this one, so relax ...
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Motivation to Swim

E04: Tokyo Living, Motivation and Habits of a Top Performer

Romen Barua came to Japan in 2005 on the JET Programme and worked two years in Tottori Prefecture before moving to Tokyo. After a time of uncertainty he became a successful entrepreneur and partner in a recruitment consultancy firm in the IT sector. He has also developed a successful platform ...
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E03: Murder, Transvestites, and Teaching in Taiwan

Scott McHugh is a writer, musician, and media critic, and currently teaches English in Kaohsiung, Taiwan. We talk about his Bukowski-like vagabonding lifestyle, never staying in one place for long, taking shitty jobs to pay the bills while pursuing his career as a musician. Scott eventually found peace teaching English ...
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E02: Chinese Charms & French Farms

Pete was unable to make this episode, so instead I was joined by two lovely French ladies, Melissa and Sarah. Sarah is a PhD candidate at a French University. Her current area of research involves work she has done for a Chinese university concerning cultural change among aboriginal tribes in ...
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